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    Answered By: Kathy Kempa--Southeastern University
    Last Updated: Dec 15, 2014     Views: 11

    The question:  

    Comparison of Miskito indian culture to the USA
    what are the cultural differences?

    One answer:

    A quick search of Ebsco Academic Search using the term:

     miskito gives 292 articles on the miskito people. Among the articles are some which outline situations the miskito people encounter, based on their cultural traditions. After viewing the list, it might be wise to choose one small aspect of miskito cultural tradition to explore (for example: gender violence against women).

    Then add a term to your first search:  miskito and women . That should narrow your results enough that you will be able to choose a couple articles which clearly outline one small aspect of miskito indian culture.

    Then search that one aspect in US culture:  united states and violence against women. There are more than 2000 results.

    If you narrow that search, to something like:  united states and violence against women and ethics and click full text  and scholarly, you get seven articles of which several seem to address US cultural traditions regarding gender violence against women.

    If you need help with Ebsco searching and narrowing the part of miskito culture you want to study, please contact a librarian.

    There is an ebook which also addresses miskito culture and is available through the library catalog:  Endangered peoples of Latin America struggles to survive and thrive