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    Answered By: Amy Harris - Southeastern University
    Last Updated: Dec 15, 2014     Views: 12

    How to recover student files

    Please do not save files onto the library computers.  The files are erased as soon as you log off!  Sorry!!


    Usually when a student has “lost” a file, it is because they opened an email attachment, made changes, and then saved the file by clicking the disk icon. This saves the file in a temporary folder which will disappear as soon as they close Word (or whatever program they are using to edit the file).

    To find the file (if you have not logged off yet), you have to find the temp folder. It is usually hidden.

    Solution #1)  From the START menu, click on “Computer.” In the top box, where it reads “Computer” type in this file folder path:  C:\Users\name\AppData\Local\Temp       Change the red letters to the student’s username (same as their SEU email username). This should open up the folder where the document has been saved.

    Solution #2) Open the program they were using (Word, PowerPoint, etc.). Create a new blank document.  Click “Save As” (NOT SAVE) and it should automatically open up the temporary directory.  See if the file is hiding in there.

    See the PDF file "How to Recover Lost Files" below for screen shots of the process.