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Answered By: Amy Harris - Southeastern University
Last Updated: Dec 15, 2014     Views: 17

When you have the citation information, as you did, the easiest and fastest way to get copies of the articles is to search our list of Journal Titles. This is sometimes called the "A-to-Z list."

Lo in to MySEU, click on the library icon at the very top.MySEU icons

On the library page, click “Find Journal Titles” and then on the search line put the name of the journal, not the article.

Then when you have the listing of which years of the journal are available, click on the year you need, then the issue number, then just scroll down the list until you get to the articles you need. These journals had the articles arranged by page number, so it was quick enough just to look for the right page numbers and then check to be sure the title was right.

Also, any time you want, stop by the library so that one of the librarians can walk you through the process of finding articles. We love to help. And if you happened to be on campus when you needed these articles, you could have stopped in the library.

Believe it or not, there is a librarian working at the Research desk on Sunday nights.  Thanks so much for contacting us, we are happy to help.