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Answered By: Amy Harris - Southeastern University
Last Updated: Dec 15, 2014     Views: 11

(Come to the library if you have trouble doing this, sometimes it is hard to describe how to search, but it is really easy to show how to search.)

From:  MySeu, click on the tiny stack of books on the very top of the page: 


Click on “Library Databases”, then click on “Historical, Legal and Leadership Studies”

Then click on HISTORY REFERENCE CENTER and type in “Civil Rights Movement”.  The first couple entries may not be helpful, but after those, there are some articles that look as if they would tell you quite a bit about individual aspects of the civil rights movement. Citations are available with the articles, so if you need help getting those, please just stop in the library or email me back and I will send more instructions.


Also, if you need sort of an overview of the subject, go back to “Library Databases”, click on “General and Current Events”, then click on CREDO REFERENCE (XREFER)

When that opens, click on “Concept Map” and type “Civil rights movement” in the box. You will see links to events and legislation and people.


I hope this helps and provides at least a little bit of fun. Let me know if there is more that I can do to help you find information.